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Be Beautiful Ludmila Stefanikova
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be Beautiful

Rainbow Memories for 17-piece Jazz Orchestra

Dedicated to Phil Wilson


2012 Award for Outstanding Achievement

2013 Esprit Jazz Award

2013 International European Jazz Personalities Conference 


Released in 2011, Ludmila’s debut album features 15 musicians on 17 instruments and voices, from all around the world : Slovakia, Czech Republic, United States, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Armenia and Russia.


The album showcases 7 original compositions for 17-piece jazz orchestra, in total of 60 minutes length. Composed, arranged and entirely produced and conducted by Ludmila,

you can hear influences from various genres : classical (Farewell Lullaby), folkloric – East-European (Drops In The Wind), hip-hop / groove (Be Beautiful), blues (Loose Muse), fusion and microtonal (On the Edge),  jazz (Journey), and modern jazz (Dave In Holland).


Dedicated to Mr Phil Wilson, the legendary trombone player, big band composer and arranger and Ludmila's mentor,  

he wrote the liner notes for the album:


   “Ludmila Stefanikova is a beautifully prodigious musical work in progress for life on many fronts. Paramount among these fronts are composition and percussion, specifically jazz vibes. This CD is a lovely example of where her twenty nine year old creative head is at in 2011. Her music is truly world music rich in Slovak, European, African, and American cultural influences. My only regret is that Ludmila is not heard as a soloist enough.

    In forty eight years of coaching great young talents, Ludmila Stefanikova places in the very top fifth percentile. Teaching, in my view, has always been a two way street. As you give, so do you receive. Thanks Ludmila, for the music.”  


- Phil



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