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“Ľudmila Štefániková is a beautifully prodigious musical work in progress for life on many fronts.

Paramount among these fronts are composition and percussion, specifically jazz vibes... 

Her music is truly world music rich in Slovak, European, African, and American cultural influences..."


- Phil Wilson

In 2011, Ludmila released her debut album Be Beautiful, Rainbow Memories for 17-piece Jazz Orchestra which she composed, arranged, conducted and produced herself.

The CD received the 2012 Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Slovak Music Fund and won the second place at the 

2013 Esprit Jazz Award discerned by Association.

The CD was also presented at The International 2013 European Jazz Personalities Conference in Bratislava, where Ludmila was featured as a ”... Slovak jazz musician of the younger generation that continues to maintain a distinct identity in her music linking to the country of her origin...

Second album ElectriCITY followed in 2013,

as a response to the 2012 Boston blackout that cut out the electric power to the central part of the city sometime in March.

All compositions on the album are originals, recorded with

All Female American Jazz Quartet

featuring guest artists 

Greg Hopkins (trumpet, USA), Peter Lipa (vocal, Sk),

Alex Pinter (guitar, At) and Pavol Bereza (guitar, Sk). 

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