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ElectriCITY Ludmila Stefanikova
15€ + shipping costs


All Female Jazz Quartet

Featuring Greg Hopkins and Peter Lipa



Released in 2013, Ludmila’s second album features 4 female musicians and 4 male guest artists. 


" Album ElectriCITY describes the 2012 Boston blackout, when the Back Bay Boston neighbourhood lost power for several days, due to generator explosions and subsequent fires. Suddenly, my apartment was plunged into darkness and only police car lights illuminated the streets. The song titles on the CD convey what followed or what could have followed next...


ElectriCITY Intro Peter Lipa’s vocals set up a dreamy texture as he improvises to the sounds of the MalletKAT. It sounds as if he was calling to the mountains. Inspired by harmonies of a Slovak folk song which later became a Slovak National Anthem, the meaning itself is also related – Slovak National Anthem describes thunder above Tatra mountains located in the North of Slovakia. The thunder implies the electric power, the blackout and the fire, as a worship of electricity and carries a call to honour electricity rather then to fear its destructive capabilities.


ElectriCITY, the title song of the album, is 6/8 rhythm-based tune, celebrating the power that runs the entire world. It‘s the power that runs our hearts and keeps us alive, it’s the spark between two people in love, its the primary atomic substance that is inevitably a part of everything and everyone, which is beyond our control. CITY means world, electric stands for the existential principles. Therefore, joy and happiness are the essence of this musical piece titled ElectriCITY.


If you have ever experienced feeling suddenly warm and then a sharp cold sweat started running down your back, that’s what HotCold is about.


ElectriCITY Interlude introduces peace and calm.


Love Is Unpredictable. For whatever reason, humans can be naturally selfish when they are driven by this uncontrollable chemical power. And many times it brings sacrifices and unforeseen life changes.


Smoke In The Air. It is not a smoke that comes from the fires but rather a faint element that lingers in the air.


Newbury Party is a song about the parties...


Saturday Morning Blues was composed while practicing vibes at Berklee College of Music, one very early morning on some Saturday...


The penultimate track, ElectriCITY Outro, contains the only spoken word on the album, “Game Over”. This segues the listener to the final track, Game Over.


Game Over depicts the end of the chapter of my Boston life so that a new chapter may begin... "  


 - Ludmila 



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