Ľudmila Štefániková is a bandleader, composer, vibraphonist, and lead singer for her jazz quartet LSQuartet.

She also performs in a duo setting vibraphone & guitar, two instruments that blend together beautifully.

The 17-piece jazz orchestra was a large ensemble put together for the recording of Ludmila's debut album be Beautiful.


In addition, Ludmila scores music for audio-visuals, composes original music and arrangements,

and extensively performs and records with other bands and orchestras.

Ludmila Stefanikova Quartet
LSQuartet All Female

(featuring Iva Korgerova)


Ludmila Stefanikova (marimba, vibes, voice)
Matus Jakabcic (guitar)



Ludmila Stefanikova 
large ensemble project



Featured Recordings

Agustin Bernard (Czech Republic) : Vision Vibraphone Concerto

Kevin Eubanks (USA) : JB-Philly G

Giuseppe Paradiso (Italy): Riddle 

Anastasiya Dumma (Russia) : TBD

Natasha Dukach (Ukraine) : Waves of lake Balaton

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